The jury will evaluate the projects in accordance with the following criteria (the list is not prioritized): 

  • How well the project is researched and documented
  • How well the project addresses general contemporary and future challenges 
  • How well the project addresses the challenges specific to the building site 
  • How convincing the project is in terms of enhancement of the health, comfort and learning performance of future occupants 
  • The aesthetics quality of the design 
  • Clever uses of architectural features to improve building performance 
  • The quality and useability of the building 
  • How convincing the project is in terms of estimated sustainability and climate resilience  
  • The overall level of creativity and innovation 
  • The technical justification of the solutions and the results of their energy efficiency. 
  • The overall graphic presentation of the project 
  • Affordability and replicability, how realizable the solution is considering available technology and products