The Healthy Buildings Design Competition offers students a unique opportunity for learning, taking theory and putting it into practice, and doing so through a real case study. Students working on the project will be challenged to use their innovation capacity, and their ability to design a healthy and high-performing renovation of an existing primary school. The projects shall be developed by multidisciplinary teams, giving the students the opportunity to learn not only about technical issues but also about teamwork, communication skills, health, sustainability, and socio-economic aspects to ensure the viability of their project, and of their futures in the clean-energy workforce.


The competition is open to any team provided the following conditions are met:

  • At least three students shall compose the team.
  • At least one of the team members must be attending a university in a REHVA member country, see HERE.
  • All team members must be enrolled at a post-secondary educational institution (e.g., college, university, etc.) at least during the competition period, September 2024 throughout February 2025.

HBDB25 encourages the participation of multi-disciplinary teams that consist of students of different backgrounds (e.g., architecture, building physics, HVAC technology, environmental sciences, etc.). Teams can include a maximum of 2 non-student supervisors who can only operate in an advisory or coaching capacity.