Healthy Buildings Design Competition 2025

Healthy Buildings Design Competition 2025

Design competition for students specialized in built environment

win a prize of 5000 EUR

Healthy Homes Design Competition 2022

Healthy Homes Design Competition 2022

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The Healthy Homes Design Competition is becoming the Healthy Buildings Design Competition!

The building industry is accountable for about 40 % of the global energy consumption and CO₂ emissions and is therefore a major contributor to global warming. We all have a responsibility to start making a change for the better, improving the way we build our buildings, making them healthy for both people and planet.

REHVA has partnered with VELUX on creating a great student competition to inspirethe next generation of the building industry to start making the change. As part of VELUX’s sustainability strategy 2030 a promise is made, to show how to build sustainably – and inspire others to do so. Sustainability is more than just environmental impact. It is also the indoor environment and the architectural qualities of a building.

The REHVA “Healthy Buildings Design Competition” encourages and challenges students working within the field of building and buildings service systems, operation and construction to explore the theme of healthy living – and to create a deeper understanding of indoor environmental qualities as well as exploring the impact of future climate changes. 

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