Healthy Buildings Design Competition 2025

Healthy Buildings Design Competition 2025

Design competition for students specialized in built environment

win a prize of 5000 EUR

Healthy Homes Design Competition 2022

Healthy Homes Design Competition 2022

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Join us in the Healthy Building Design Competition and be part of a movement that is committed to building a better, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.

The revitalisation of urban building stocks is the key focus of the HBDC25. The scope of the Competition centres around the value-added renovation of existing educational buildings, specifically primary schools. This creates a platform for high impact solutions in typical European contexts, and urban challenges in general . There will be a strong orientation toward viability and importance for the wider public. Linking the HBDC25 Competition to current architectural discussions, building research and social aspects of urban living is a key focus.

The building sector  plays a pivotal role, contributing approximately 40% to global energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. This significant impact underscores the urgent need for a paradigm shift in the way we construct buildings. Our  responsibility is clear – it's time to build a more sustainable healthier future for both people and the planet.

Teams are requested to focus on educational buildings, especially those primary schools constructed during the 1960-1970s baby boom across Europe.  While a few have undergone renovations, a significant number still lack the necessary care and attention. Teams should articulate which health and sustainability challenges they are specifically addressing, while proposing creative project solutions. It is now imperative to envision and revamp these educational spaces to cater to the changing needs of users, establish comfortable and sustainable environments, and fortify resilience against future challenges.

The REHVA Healthy Buildings Design Competition 2025 wants to encourage and challenge students within the fields of building design, building physics, and building services to explore the theme of healthy & sustainable schools. Students will be given the task to imagine a desirable renovation scenario for an existing primary school, with focus on people’s well-being. Through this design project, they will improve their understanding of indoor environmental quality while exploring the impact of future climate changes and sustainable buildings. The competition celebrates the privilege of being a student by encouraging participants to use their curiosity and to think “out of the box” in their approach to the indoor environmental dimension of future sustainable buildings.

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