What is the final possible date for registration?

Is the winner project going to be actually built?

No, the Healthy Homes Design Competition is an ideas competition, therefore the project will not be actually used for the site.

Is there a participation fee?

No, there is no participation fee.

Is this competition strictly for Engineering and architectural students?

No, this competition is cross-sectorial and it addresses students and young professionals pecialized in built environment. 

Therefore the only eligibility requirements are:

For students

  • must be enrolled in University at least during the year 2021 and/or 2022
  • at least one team member must be attending a University in a REHVA member country

and for young professionals

  • must be maximum 35 years old (max. turning 36 in 2021)
  • at least one of the team members must have their address in a REHVA member country during the design competition period

Are PhD students allowed to participate?

Do the designs have to comply with Dutch buildings codes?

No. We do not expect applicants to be familiar with the Dutch codes or regulation.